Friday, 25 July 2014

By the Seaside

What amazing weather we are having at the moment, just perfect for a stroll down to the beach first thing in the morning before it gets too hot.

No one else around, just me and the wildlife.

Time for my annual paddle in the Irish Sea.

Very refreshing, if a little muddy.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Today's little diversion - buttons, felt and embroidery thread.

I saw something similar on Pinterest and couldn't resist having a go.

So I sorted through my button collection to find suitable buttons - ones with four holes, not two.

Narrowed down the candidates - a metal one, some shell ones and a few with a bit of colour.

I attached the button to the felt with a nice cross stitch and embroidered some petals.

Snipped round the outside and there you have it - I think this one looks like a sunflower.

They are so quick to make, I had three more completed in no time.

I think they would look good as brooches or they would make gorgeous embellishments on a birthday card. What do you think?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Despite My Worst Efforts

Sometimes, just sometimes, when the sun is shining and the camera is angled in the right direction, the garden looks beautiful and colourful...

...despite my appalling skills as a gardener.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Guilty Pleasures

I've had a very happy knitting and crocheting weekend.

So much progress has been made on the two projects I am concentrating on at the moment.

The obvious reason for this is, as always, sport.

Yes, as if I needed an excuse to sit and knit and crochet all day long, this weekend has been a packed one for sport on the television.

  • Open Golf from Hoylake (we were there in person on the Thursday).
  • Second test match between England and India in cricket. 
  • Continuing coverage of the Tour de France.
  • World darts matchplay championship
  • F1 German Grand Prix.  

So, with all this sofa-time, my grey crochet blanket is changing from little squares to bigger squares.

I've made 144 little squares in total, which will give me 36 bigger squares.  I've yet to decide on a border, but I've still got some time before I have to worry about this.

As far as the cardigan is concerned, I've made it up to the armholes - always a sense of achievement when this point is reached.

I'm really happy with the way the lacy pattern is looking, and it's enjoyable to knit.

I'm now feeling guilty about all the time on the sofa, so today will be a catching up with jobs day, maybe tomorrow I'll feel less guilty and I'll make more progress on the projects!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Milly - Pattern

Finally, I've managed to finish writing out the pattern for the last cardigan I made.  I've also had more photos taken - but I think the photography could be better - something I need to work on.

The cardigan pattern is called Milly.  It is a modern, easy to wear cardigan with a touch of vintage charm.  It has Fair Isle borders on the body and sleeves.

The cardigan is knitted in one piece up to the armholes, and then knitted back and forth. The shoulders are formed by short row shaping and a three needle bind off. The sleeves are knitted flat and seamed to fit.

To fit 32”/ 34” chest.
Finished measurements:
Chest 34” / 86 cm
Sleeve seam 18” / 46 cm
Length 18” / 46 cm

The pattern is now available to download for free, here.  Further details of the pattern can be seen on the Ravelry pattern page, here.  

I hope you like the pattern.  

Monday, 14 July 2014

Little Bits and Pieces

So, the World Cup is over - does this mean we can get back to some sort of normality?  The World Cup rabbits are now back on the shelf, waiting for their moment in the spotlight again in four years time.  I'm sure it will fly by.

I think I've had about a week off from knitting cardigans - but I'm addicted so I ordered more Jamieson & Smith 2 ply and I'm off knitting another one.

The colour is pinker than I thought it was going to be - it's hard to judge when you're buying on the internet - but it is a perfect match for some fabric I've just bought and intend to make into a dress.

The cardigan will be just one colour this time but will have lacy panels up the fronts.  It's always exciting starting something new.

Although, that didn't stop me getting distracted this morning.  I was reading my blog list and saw that Julie over at Little Woollie had created some crochet postage stamps - utterly pointless but very cute.

I still collect stamps - although they are not organised in any way.

Many years ago, I used some of them to decorate this box.

So, using my collection as inspiration, I made myself a little stamp.

A lovely little project, perfect for keeping my mind off the housework!  You can see details of how to make the stamp over at Julie's blog, here.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Colourful Flower Hanging

I've had fun with the flower I made the other day.

I made another two flowers, six leaves and a colourful droplet -

I put them all together, and I now have a Colourful Flower Hanging.

It looks very jolly hanging up and adding a splash of colour to the room.

The flowers have a 3 dimensional centre and 15 petals.  The droplet is slightly weighted with a little pebble so that the whole structure hangs well.  The flowers have three shades of yellow for the centres and then three shades of either blue, purple or pink for the petals.  The leaves use two shades of green and the droplet is made using two shades of each colour from the petals.  

I've spent most of today writing out the pattern - it always takes so much longer than you think.  The PDF is available here, and of course it's free.  Further details of the pattern can be found on the Ravelry pattern page, here.

I hope you like the pattern.